Reclaiming My Time after Losing My Mind

The brain tumor I experienced is called Meningioma. I just had to Google that – I think the fact that I can’t properly pronounce the word keeps me from remembering what it is.

What I do remember is how the oncologist explained my condition.  Meningiomas account for a little over 30% of tumors overall. They are usually benign, and sufferers are often unaware the tumors are there. This seems to be hard for people to understand about the condition. Yes there were symptoms, but not like you’d imagine when you hear the term BRAIN TUMOR. Most people don’t know they have one because there are often no detectable symptoms until the mass grows large enough to affect other parts of the brain. Sometimes doctors don’t recommend removing a meningioma that isn’t causing any problems because it often grows slowly and may never cause any noticeable affects. My doctors have no idea how long I might have had mine, but they estimated about ten years based solely on its size.

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