The Journey So Far…

Hi, there, I’m Alissa. Seven years ago, I was a happily single empty-nester, contentedly living my life. A former teen-aged mother made good, the kids were all raised and on their way. I was healthy and happy and looking forward to the best years of my life.

I’d already survived the recession and housing crises of 2008, and found my place in the new economy. In fact, I secured a job that kept me traveling so extensively, there was no time for any kind of empty nest syndrome. Mama was making money and having fun!

Then a series of medical issues suddenly left me almost broke, seemingly unemployable, and legally blind.

Life is such a bitch sometimes, isn’t it?

This blog chronicles my journey out through a somewhat grey new world, sharing insights on whatever services, products, resources and opportunities I can uncover as I adjust to the life of the visually impaired. Sometimes sarcastic, always blunt and surprisingly conservative on certain issues, this blind girl invites you to come along on this unexpected journey.

If you’ve ever had to deal with losing your sight, or chronic illness, or just unexpected health concerns that have majorly impacted your life, you will find much here that you can relate to. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to lose a major sense like sight, you will find answers here. If you can appreciate a voice that is racially aware and fiscally conservative, I claim this space for us. Middle-aged and single? Think about looking for a mate when you can’t even see his face…that’s an interesting endeavor I’d love to share. Introverts in a world ruled by extroverts, spiritualists in the Bible belt, book geeks in a time of reality TV – we all have so much to discuss!

Throughout my ramblings, I’m working hard to link to important information and resources, as well as insightful articles or things I simply find fun. So please click on the hyperlinks if you find anything I say interesting. And if you have anything to share, or anything to ask, please feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!