Blind Girl Packing

My first misadventure as a visually impaired person happened about three months after my surgery. I had to get myself back to Charlotte from Cleveland, and I needed to do it on the cheap.

As this link demonstrates, there are several options available specifically for visually impaired people who want to travel safely. But the mainstream discount bus service I chose had no such concerns. I was picked up in the middle of the night at an otherwise closed terminal in downtown Cleveland and dropped off for a two-hour layover on a sketchy corner in a rundown Cincinnati neighborhood. There was no shelter, and all the stores surrounding us were closed.

I was still taking anti-seizure medication and my phone was nearly dead. The ticket to board the next bus was on the phone, and the medication was only to be taken with food. So it felt vitally important that I find somewhere to recharge.

A passerby, seeing the group of us waiting for the next bus, told us that there was a coffee shop about three blocks straight ahead and five blocks to the right. Despite many people’s gripes about being left on that corner with no way to get out of the sun or use the restroom, nobody wanted to go find it. I suppose my fellow passengers clearly saw our surroundings and decided to act like they had common sense. I couldn’t and don’t, so I set off by myself, dragging a waist-high suitcase noisily behind me.

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